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August 2018: With the new school year underway, Hawkeye Strength welcomed the Fall intern class of Reid Miller and Thomas Lang. Quinn Hollan also joined the Olympic staff as the new Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for Wrestling. Former intern Derek Stork was offered and accepted the Assistant Director of Athletic Performance position at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

Summer 2018: Coach Evans presented on two topics, Mitigating Hamstrung Injuries in the Sprints and Monitoring the Non-Negotiables, at the GAIN Conference in Houston, TX. In addition to travel and conference attendance, Coach Maxwell participated in a Tony Robbin's, Unleash the Power Within, located in Chicago, IL. Members of the staff, Coach Evans and Coach Roberts sat on a panel discussing Tensiomyography for the department's monthly Sport Performance Forum. To finish out the summer, the strength and conditioning staff has participated in collaborative discussions with the Sport Psychology staff to further understand student-athlete burnout, motivation, goal setting, and distress.

 May 2018: Coach Maxwell along with assistants Cody Roberts, Lindsay Dinkelman and Zach Walrod traveled to Fort Worth, TX for the annual Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association conference.  At the conference, former intern Joey Davey received the Lance Vermeil Scholarship award, this is the second time a former Hawkeye Strength intern has received the award.

April 2018: Continuing education was a focus this month, with Coach Roberts attending the NSCA State Clinic in Cedar Falls.  The Sport Performance forum held a roundtable discussion about Return to Play.  Former intern Ryan Koester accepted a Graduate Assistant position at the University of Montana with their Strength & Conditioning department.

March 2018: In our second round of the Sport Performance Forum, Director of Sport Science, Landon Evans spoke on "Tissue Adaptation".  The Hawkeye Strength Staff also hosted staff members & GAs from Mizzou and William Penn University.

February 2018:  This month kicked off the first "Sport Performance Forum" a monthly presentation organized to facilitate education for our sports performance departments of Sports Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Training and Sports Psychology. Sports Performance Analyst, Kyle Peterson, was accepted into the Informatics PhD program at Iowa earlier this month.

January 2018:  The Hawkeye student-athletes are back in school and we welcomed our new Spring '18 class of interns.  Joining us this semester are Jori Robertson, TC Hager, Justin Kuehn, Ethan Patterson, Andrew LeMense and Zach Pasano.  Bruce Lee and Kyler Heckinger are back for their second semester.

December 2017:  Current intern Adam Kearns accepted a graduate assistant position as Florida State University and intern Cameron Taylor also accepted a job at Rock Valley Sports Performance in Bettendorf, IA.  Staff members Cody Roberts, Zach Walrod and Lindsay Dinkelman made a site visit to the new facility at North Scott High School.

November 2017:   November was filled with multiple intern curriculums ranging from nutrition, eccentric training, data and technology as overall coaching philosophy.  

October 2017: A lot of great things happened over the course of the month.  Interns Derek Nieland and Cameron Taylor both passed the CSCS exam, Derek also accepted a position with Catalyst Sports Medicine.  The staff spent time doing their fall roadside cleanup along with intern curriculums covering interviews, resumes and programming. Interns also spent time working on their "white board" programming challenge.  

September 2017:  As the semester began, the staff spent time working with the intern class on their progressions.  Each intern has 15 minutes to coach mock student-athletes on their assigned excersise, every intern presents on the hang clean, squat, RDL/Deadlift and snatch.  On the volunteer front, Coach Dinkelman joined the Women's Basketball team and staff in the Habitat for Humanity Women's build.  Kyle Peterson published statistical software withing computing language R, this software is called Magnitude-Based Inferences via R.

August 2017: With the new school underway, Hawkeye Strength welcomed the Fall intern class of Dam Bae, Bruce Lee, Kyler Heckinger, Adam Kearns, Derek Nieland, Cameron Taylor, Paige Wolfe and Tony Juen.  Coach Maxwell traveled to Chicago to attend the Catapult Basketball conference along with travling overseas with Men's Basketball on their foreign tour.

July 2017:  Continuing education events kept the Hawkeye Strength staff busy this month.  Cody Roberts presented on Sleep as part of the article club.  The staff also spent time with the Sports Psychology staff by participating in presentations on Mindfullness, Motivational Interviewing, Pysch of Injury and Stress vs. Distress.  Cody Roberts, Ashley Renteria, Zach Walrod and Landon Evans traveled to the CVASPS conference in Richmond, VA. The staff also participated in their biannual lock-in in preparation for the upcoming school year.

June 2017:  Hawkeye Strength welcomed the summer intern class of Paige Wolfe, Carly Miller, Ryan Koester, Michael Sheriff, Tony Juen and Kyle Patnode.  Ashley Renteria and Bill Maxwell attended the Functional Range Conditioning training in Seattle, WA.  Cody Roberts and Landon Evans traveled to NCAA Nationals with Track & Field, who finished 17th on the men's side with the highest finish in program history, along with sending the most student-athletes in program history.  On the staff education front, Cody Roberts presented to the staff on "Bioenergetics."  Coach Maxwell traveled to Chicago, IL to attend the "Leaders in Sport" conference.

May 2017:  May brought excitement for Hawkeye Athletics in the post season.  Baseball won the Big 10 tournament and Track & Field was successful at NCAA regionals with numerous student-athletes qualifying for nationals in Eugene,OR, while Rowing made it's first NCAA tournament in 15 years.  Strength staff members Cody Roberts, Travis Rutt and Zach Walrod traveled to Lawrence Kansas for the  Midwest Sports Performance Conference at the University of Kansas.

April 2017:  Another busy month on the education front for the staff.  "Article Club" presentations were done by Lindsay Dinkelman on foam rolling, Director Bill Maxwell spoke on leadership and intern Eric Rash presented on take away points from the book "Conscious Coaching."  Coach Walrod presented his respective intern curriculum on Velocity Based Training.  The staff also held meetings with Sport Nutrition and Sports Psychology collaborating on student-athlete education and developing a collective approach.  Members of the staff also attended the University of Iowa Mini Medical School conference titled "The Science of Sports."  Landon Evans spoke to the staff on implementation of new monitoring tools in the department including a force plate and jump mats.

March 2017:  This past month was busy with "Article Club" and intern curriculums.  Lindsay Dinkelman spoke to the interns on resumes and cover letters while Landon Evans discussed isoinertial training. Cody Roberts reviewed the implementation of the Flywheel within training.  Article Club presentations were given by Kyle Peterson titled "Rethinking Etiology"  and Landon Evans on  presented on eccentric training. 

February 2017:  Our Spring 2017 Intern class completed four weeks of progression presentations for the Hawkeye strength staff (15min of each individually introducing and teaching RDL, Deadlift, Squat, Clean, and Snatch); thankful for their dedication and progress.  We heard "Article Club" presentations from Assistant Strength Coach Zach Walrod on Cluster Training, Director of Sport Science Landon Evans on Nutrition, and from Assistant Strength Coach Ashley Renteria on Biomechanics.  Individually we are looking back on last year's goals and setting new ones for the future.  Exciting time on campus and in the weight room as our winter sports move into B1G Championship season and our spring sports are in non-conference action.

January 2017:  Hawkeye strength spent time over the break holding in-services with a presentation on sprinting mechanics by former Hawkeye Ethan Holmes. Cody Roberts kicked of the semester  article club by presenting on hypertrophy to the interns and staff.  Hawkeye strength also welcomed the Spring 2017 interns Austin Backer, Kenadi Batchelor, Scott Brugioni, Alex Harmer, Tony Juen, Josh Lambrecht, Derek Nieland, Eric Rash, Lorenzo Tomasiello, Lucas Van Dyke and Court Zielger. 

December 2016: Cody Roberts traveled to the USTFCCCA Coaches Convention in Florida and attended the course taught by Boo Schexnayder.  He took the Sports Science for Speed & Power Sports Course along with the Strength & Conditioning Certification Course.

November 2016: Sports Performance Analyst Kyle Peterson had his research article accepted by the Journal of Sports Sciences titled "Tensiomyographical Responses to Accelerometer Loads in Female Collegiate Basketball Players."  The article should be published by the first of the year.  Members of the strength staff were busy with team travel this month.  Zach Walrod traveled to the Dominican Republic with baseball.  Lindsay Dinkelman  traveled to The Cancun Challenge with Women's Basketball and Bill Maxwell went to Florida with Men's basketball.  

October 2016:  Hawkeye Strength completed roadside clean-up along Highway 1 as part of the Adopt-a-Highway program.  Former intern Justin Danover was named Atlis Athletic Performance Coach at the Barton Health Center of Excellence.  Lindsay Dinkelman traveled to Kansas City to attend the NACWAA Rally.

September 2016:  The athletic department hired Nicole White as the Director of Sports Nutrition, she comes to Iowa from Oklahoma University. Also joining the department is Sports Psychologist Aubrette Kinne. Sports Performance Analyst Kyle Peterson has started classes pursuing a graduate certificate in analytics.

August 2016: With a new school year starting, Hawkeye Strength welcomed our Fall 2016 interns Cameron Taylor, Lucas Van Dyke, Eric Rash, Jason Pasek and Trent Cole.  Coach Maxwell attended a basketball workshop hosted by Catapult that included a presentation from former Hawkeye Strength intern Dan Kant-Hull.

July 2016: The Hawkeye strength staff added two new members, Cody Roberts and Ashley Renteria.  Learn more about Cody and Ashley in the "About" section of our website.  Kyle Peterson attended the CVASP conference in Virginia and Zach Walrod went to Dan Baker's High Powered Performance Tour in Evanston, IL.

June 2016: Hawkeye strength welcomed summer interns Joey Davey, Colton Feller, Ethan Lahn and Derek Stork.  Coach Maxwell traveled to Chicago to attend the USTFCCCA Track & Field Academy's Strength & Conditioning clinic.  Current intern Brenna MacDonald passed the CSCS exam.

May 2016: Hawkeye strength traveled to Ft. Worth , TX for the annual CSCCa conference, Landon Evans spoke on the Olympic Sports Panel.  Landon also spoke at the University of Texas Athletic Performance Clinic, he presented on Sports Nutritional Considerations: Summarizing You Most Asked Questions.

April 2016: Lindsay Dinkelman and Zach Walrod presented at the Rockford Public Schools Strength & Conditioning Clinic, the title of their presentation was "Athlete Preparation: Classifying & Sequencing Exercises."

Landon Evans spoke at three conferences this month, one alongside Director of Athletic Training, Terry Noonan.  The two spoke at the NSCA Regional Conference on "Using Monitoring to Integrate the Team: Our Story and Suggestions."  Landon also spoke at the NSCA Tactical conference in San Diego, speaking on "The Training Process: Periodization", and 3 presentations at the Glazier Conference in Chicago covering training design, nutrition and conditioning concepts.

Hawkeye strength also completed their biannual roadside clean-up along Highway 1 in Iowa City.

March 2016: Spring 2016 intern Brenna MacDonald accepted a graduate assistant position with the Health and Wellness department at the University of Kentucky. She will start in the fall majoring in biomechanics and will also be volunteering with the Olympic Strength and Conditioning department.

February 2016: Coach Landon Evans has been brought on as a member of the University of Iowa's Office of Naval Research as a consultant for the Virtual Soldier Research Program.  Listen to Coach Evan's interview on the release of the project here.

January 2016: Over the course of the winter break, Boo Schnexnayder spent two days with the strength staff doing an in-service.  Landon Evans attended the NSCA Conference in San Antonio, TX where he presented on "Improving Athlete Conditioning for Performance."  

Hawkeye Strength welcomed the 2016 Spring intern class of Kaitlin West, Brenna MacDonald, Isaac Barbolish, Mark Dessart, Jeremy Paprocki and Brett Hextall. 

December 2015: Intern Andrew Burdick became certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition as a Certified Sports Nutritionist.

November 2015: Data analyst Kyle Peterson presented to members of the strength and athletic training staff on "Practical Stats for Coaches."  This included using stats on interpreting Omegawave, TMG and performance data.

October 2015: Members of the Hawkeye strength staff spent a Saturday along Highway 1 in Iowa City cleaning up their sponsored Adopt-A-Highway.  Lindsay Dinkelman traveled to Tampa, FL to the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators (NACWAA) national conference.

September 2015:  Hawkeye strength welcomed intern Marie Muscala to the program, read more about her in our "About" section.  Intern Connor Weitz passed his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through the NSCA.  Coach Maxwell and Coach Evans both had opportunities to collaborate with the National I-Club and speak to donors and alums about our Sports Performance program and how we are involved in the complete student-athlete experience.  More information about can be found in this article.

August 2015: Hawkeye strength welcomed new fall interns Matthew Risch, David Hoover and Andrew Burdick.  Kyle Peterson was moved into the role of Sports Performance Analyst, in this role he oversees all technologies in the department and is responsible for data collection, development of operating procedures with data collection.  Glenn Clarke has also joined Hawkeye strength in the capacity of Sports Performance Analyst, he previously served as the Head Strength Coach at University of Chicago and prior to that as an assistant at the University of Notre Dame.  More information about our interns and staff can be found in the "About" section of the website.

Travis Rutt joined the Hawkeye staff as an assistant strength and conditioning coach, he will work directly with wrestling, read more about his background in his bio.

July 2015:  Landon Evans spoke at the Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar in Richmond, VA.  His presentation was titled "High Performance Integration: Creating an Athlete-Centered Environment in Collegiate Athletics."  Check out this interview with Landon prior the conference.

Hawkeye Strength spent two days with Catapult GPS setting up the software and learning how to implement the system, for more on Catapult  visit

June 2015: The Iowa strength staff was busy this month attending conferences as well as presenting at local conferences.  Zach Walrod traveled to Seattle with members of the soccer staff to the Seattle Sounder Sports Science Seminar.  Coach Maxwell spoke at the USA Gymnastics-Region 4 Congress meeting, presenting on "Strength Training for Gymnastaics- How To Measure It."

Hawkeye Strength also welcomed new summer interns Max Torres, Aaron Hoeing and Kyle Peterson.

May 2015:  Hawkeye Strength staff members Bill Maxwell, Gabby Quiggle, Zach Walrod and Lindsay Dinkelman traveled to the CSCCa Conference in Nashville, TN where they presented on the internship program at Iowa.  The presentation was titled "Empowering Inters To Succeed" which covered the program cirriculuum, culture and how the program was created.  Former intern Bryant Ferate also presented with the staff and gave his testament to the program.  

Coach Maxwell traveled to the Chicago area for the NBA combine and attended the NBSCA conference, as well as spent time with the Chicago Bears strength staff.  He also spoke at the Iowa Athletic Trainers Society Conference with Director of Athletic Training, Terry Noonan.  They presented on "University of Iowa Sports Performance Team."

April 2015: New videos were added to the website titled "Meet Your Strength Coach," these can be found on each staff members' bio.

March 2015- Hawkeye strength intern Michael Brash accepted a Graduate Assistant position with Minnesota State Mankato and Josh Haaland passed his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through the NSCA.

February 2015-  Zach Walrod attended the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association's Track & Field Academy conference in Ankeny, IA.  After attending the conference he became certified as a Strength and Conditioning Coach through the association.

January 2015- Hawkeye strength welcomed new semester interns: Josh Haaland, Michael Brasch, Joe Sperlak, Maisie Vachuska, Eric Rochholz and former interns Michael Armile, Connor Weitz, Shane Crew and Traimian Johnson.

December 2014- Hawkeye Sports Medicine held their 30th Annual Hawkeye Sports Medicine Symposium where Coach Evans spoke on "Maximizing Athletic Performance: How We Integrate Core Strength Into Training Programs."

October 2014- A lot of new things are happening in the CHA weightroom.  Our department officially opened up our "Fueling Station." These are utilized to help fuel and refuel our student athletes throughout the day.  Some options available are salads, subs, vegetables, granola bars, fruit, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt and nuts.  

Coach Evans traveled to Arizona with Track and Field where he attended a presentation by Dan Pfaff & Henk Kraaijenhof titled "From Myth to Mystery: The Truth About Developing World-Class Athletes."

The staff also participated in their fall roadside clean up along Highway 6 in Iowa City.  

August 2014- Zach Walrod was hired as an Assistant Strength Coach for Volleyball, Soccer, Softball and Baseball on August 5th.  Coach Walrod joins the staff after serving on the Football Strength Staff at the University of Memphis.  Read more about Zach in his bio.  

The Iowa Strength staff also welcomed their semester interns: Connor Weitz, Ryan Goochey, Traimain Johnson, Shane Crew, Michael Armile and Mitchell Wollf.

June 2014- Coach Dinkelman attended the World Conference on Science and Soccer on the campus of University of Portland.  The conference covered various topics on soccer including sports performance, nutrition and tactical/technical training.

The summer intern class of A.J. Kloss, Ashley Renteria, Chris Lowe, Eric Rash, Kevin Brusky, Justin Danover, Bryant Ferate started.

Coach Maxwell spoke at the USA Gymnastics Region 4 Congress conference in Coralville, IA.  He presented on "Sequencing Strength Training Movements with Gymnastics."

May 2014- Iowa strength staff members Coach Maxwell, Coach Quiggle, Coach Dinkelman, Coach Hammes and interns traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Conference.  All 6 interns sat for the SCCC certification and we are very proud to say they all passed.  

Intern A.J. Kloss was presented with the 2014 "Lance Vermeil Award".  This award is presented to individuals who have shown a commitment to having a career in the field of strength and conditioning in the collegiate/professional level and have demonstrated tremendous potential and propensity for this unique profession.

Coach Evans and Coach Dinkelman also attended the 2014 Boston Sports Medicine & Performance Group conference.  Coach Evans presented at the conference on "Applied Nutrition and Hormone Optimization."

Coach Maxwell attended the NBA Strength & Conditioning Association conference in Chicago, IL.

April 2014- Coach Evans spoke at two different conferences this month. He was in Wisconsin for the NSCA Wisconsin State Clinic speaking on "Adaptation-Nutritional Hierarchy and Targets" as well as at the Minnesota Sports Performance Clinic on the topic "Considerations When Constructing the Annual Plan."  He also traveled to Virginia for the Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar.

January 2014- For the second year in a row, Coach Evans spoke at the University of Iowa Physical Therapy Department-Runners Symposium, this year on "Nutrition for the Runner."

July 2013- Director of Athletic Training, Terry Noonan and Coach Evans traveled to New York for the Leaders in Performance Conference.

May 2013- Coach Maxwell, Coach Quiggle, Coach Hammes, Coach Dinkelman, Coach Evans and intern Daniel Kant-Hull traveled to Kansas City for the annual CSCCa conference.  Coach Evans presented at the conference on "Performance Monitoring."

Coach Evans, Coach Dinkelman and Daniel Kant-Hull all sat for the Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified exam and all passed.

Coach Dinkelman traveled to Boston, MA for the 2014 Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group conference.

April 2013- Dan Hammes & Landon Evans traveled to Richmond Virginia to the Central Virginia Sports Performance Conference.  Landon presented at the conference about "Excel in Sport."  He also presented on the same topic at the Minnesota Sports Performance Clinic.

Members of the Strength staff also participated in roadside clean-up in April.  The department is responsible for a 2 mile stretch along Highway 6 in Iowa City.

January 2013- Coach Evans presented on Nutrition at the University of Iowa Physical Therapy Department -Runners Symposium.

October 2012- Iowa strength traveled to Lawrence, Kansas for a professional development trip. At the University of Kansas the staff learned about their Elite Form racks and how they utilized the system.

August 2012- Landon Evans was hired as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach and Sports Nutrition Coordinator. Landon joins the staff after being an Assistant Strength Coach at Illinois State University.  Learn more about Landon by reading his bio.

July 2012- Lindsay Dinkelman joined the Iowa strength staff as an Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach, previously she served as a Sport Performance Assistant at Purdue University. Read more about her background on her bio.

May 2012- The Iowa staff traveled to Kansas City to the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association Conference (CSCCa).  Coaches Dan Hammes and Gabby Quiggle sat for the "Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified" exam.  Coach Bill Maxwell, a "Master Strength & Conditioning Coach" through the organization helped proctor the exam.