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Exploring Our Motivation as a Strength & Conditioning Staff

Exploring Our Motivation as a Strength & Conditioning Staff

One of the first questions asked upon meeting a new person is, “What do you do or where do you work?”  A conversation ensues as each person tries to find a common link based upon the answers and conversation usually centers on superficial answers.  My job allows me to help people and rarely have I looked into the deeper meaning behind my choice of career.  I was asked to speak at a conference on our intern program which led to great reflection.  A former intern sent me a link to Simon Sinek’s TED talk as preparation for my talk began.  One day later my associate coach, Gabriela Quiggle, handed me Simon Sinek’s book.  Amazing how many things occur in succession when one has heightened awareness on a subject.  The talk and book led to my answers below and great discussion amongst my staff.

The “Why”

We want to reach every student-athlete that walks through our door so they can reach their best self.  This is the true “Why” to what we do.  It is our desire to learn as much about the performance process so that we can reach everyone.  The goal is lofty but a worthy goal.

The “How”

Build a partnership with student-athletes and hold everyone involved accountable to do the many necessary things which are needed to improve performance.  We operate from the perspective of everything needed to be done for performance improvement is a commitment to the process.  The more one builds that commitment, a bond is formed and strengthened which will enable one to fight with more passion and energy.  One who invests a great deal will fight fervently for their cause.  This is also how one develops mental toughness, ability to execute the little details of performance all the time.  A prepared person is supremely confident.

“The What”

A great program where people move forward with a helping spirit and a desire to make positive impact in the world.  Championship teams will be the by-product of each individual operating at their best self toward a collective goal. 

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