The University of Iowa Strength & Conditioning



The University of Iowa Olympic Strength & Conditioning department utilizes 3 different facilities on campus.  Carver Hawkeye Arena is the main facility, and is utilized by all teams at various times during the year.  This 10,000 square ft. facility opened in August of 2011, and is home to our strength staff and nutritionist. 


  • 14 Power Lift platforms
  • 7 Power Lift full racks
  • 7 Power Lift 1/2 racks
  • 3 Woodway treadmills
  • 45 yards indoor turf
  • Omegawave
  • Free Lap Timing system
  • 2 Pitshark Belt Squat machines
  • 16 Keiser Bikes
  • 11 Gymaware Units
  • Tensiomyography Unit
  • Catapult GPS
  • 3 Force Deck Force Plates

The Recreation building is home to our secondary facility, a 2,400 square ft. weightroom that was renovated in August 2008.

The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC) opened in August of 2010. This state of the art facility is available to all students on campus and is utilized by our swimming and diving teams.  The free weight area was co-designed by Coach Bill Maxwell and is approximately 4,000 square ft.

Support Systems

Within our department is a certified Registered Dietitian who plays a dual role as a strength and conditioning coach.  You can find more information about our sports nutrition program at