The University of Iowa Strength & Conditioning


Strength & Conditioning Mission

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence to Enhance Athletic Performance and Reduce Injury Risk


How – Reduce injury through gradual adaption to more efficient movement patterns, heavier loads, faster speeds and increased volume.  Monitor our student-athletes’ progress to guide our sound, systematic, individualized approach to training which prepares every student-athlete for the demands of competition.


What - Strive to be the recognized leader in improving the physical, psychological, and intellectual domains of the training process to ensure our student-athletes are enhancing their ability to cope with stress, movement abilities, physical powers and capacities for their respective sport.    


Why - Work in collaboration with all coaches and support staff members to improve the health and performance of our student-athletes to win BIG TEN and NATIONAL championships.


University of Iowa Olympic Strength & Conditioning Staff

Seated L-R: Landon Evans, Ashley Renteria, Zach Walrod

Standing L-R: Lindsay Dinkelman, Travis Rutt, Bill Maxwell, Cody Roberts, Kyle Peterson